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With children returning to the class room this is a busy time of year for most families.  Teachers are ready and lessons have been prepared.  If you are looking for a class project or pet, look no further than the vermicomposting bin.  So many different disciplines can be exemplified by maintaining a healthy worm colony in your class.  First and foremost it’s a wonderful example of a living eco-system.  In the chemistry department, a classic venue for the nitrogen cycle and biology teachers will find a bin very handy when explaining microorganisms.  In the social studies realm you can use a bin to show responsable waste management and kids will grow up with composting as a first choice for organic waste.

Using a vermicomposting bin in the classroom fits in nicely with the traditional goldfish and aquarium, after all fish eat worms…. If that’s a bit to traumatic, the difference between aerobic and anaerobic life forms is clearly illustrated.  You can use the vermicomposting example to show predator vrs prey behaviour in the “micro” world and keep going from there.  The opportunities for learning are endless.

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