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Our Vermicomposting Facility is out doors and because of our Northern location has radicle temperature swings throughout the year.  Red composting worms are not indigenous to Manitoba and wouldn’t survive if not for the one ton piles of cow manure they live in.  We have always been able to maintain a growing population of worms, but lately we’ve been wondering if we could boost breeding by use of temperature.  It’s no secret that our outside colonies have what could be described as a breeding season.  As the compost heats up in spring, the worms begin to lay eggs in abundance, when fall arrives and colder nights set in, the worms slow down. All this led us to a plan for indoor worm bin management.

Worms function best between 25 to 30 Celsius, most folks keep their houses around 20 C.  We are rigging up a water-bed heater to ensure a constant temp of 28 C for indoor the worms.  Fingers crossed we’ll see a marked improvement in worm reproduction.  As always, we’ll keep you post and please do the same.  Any questions or comments are welcome.

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