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We’ve all enjoyed our lovely summer and as the cool nights herald the turn of the season, thoughts turn to worms….at least ours do.  Now is the time to start or re-start an indoor worm bin.  If you have worms in your compost out side you can start an indoor colony with as little as 100 mL or 1/4 lb of worms.  Indeed our entire vermicomposting operation that now employes roughly 1000 lbs of worm workers started with just 1/4 lb.  Of course that was almost 30 years ago, but you get the idea.  If you’re new to red worm composting an indoor bin system can be a simple or complex as you choose to make it.     We like the 360.  Either way you will be diverting waste from the landfill and creating your own super vermicompost.

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