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Who said you can’t have it all….if you’re producing vermicast at home, why not take the next step and use it to grow some food.  Worm castings are perfect for food crops, they have no harmful chemicals and are very versatile.  Think of it as “full circle” gardening.  Organic waste is fed to worms who then transform it to vermicast to be used to grow food, some of which becomes organic waste.  It’s a thing of beauty.  The possibilities are endless, if you have imagination and time you can easily supplement your diet with home-grown delights.  Some plants lend themselves to this more readily than others.  Fast maturing leafy greens for example work really well, baby spinach and lettuce often  cost a bundle at the grocery store.  Planning is required for slower maturing edibles like tomatoes or peppers and lighting, especially here in the North may need to be helped by artificial means.  No matter how you slice it, you’ll be gaining a small measure of food security bragging rights for sustainable living.

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