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Worm Farming in the past.While vermicomposting is relatively new to Canada, it’s been used for centuries in warmer areas of our world.  In places like India, Thailand and Southern China, composting with worms is considered an ancient technology.  Red composting worms are tropical in nature and more difficult to employ in cold climates, but employment is exactly the right term to use in describing this emerging technology.  Red Composting worms are extremely versatile, they can be used at home and work to control organic waste keeping material out of landfills.  In rural settings where oder is not such an issue, you need not stay with the strictly Vegan diet that many households prefer and can safely compost more pungent waste materials such as manure, after slaughter animal by products and the occasional carcass.  Naturally you should match the amount of material to the amount of worms.  http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2012/09/21/whats-your-worm-count/

In our opinion worms are most underutilized in the smelly world of Solid Waste management.  Red Wigglers are one of the few creatures on the planet who eat poo!  Society is missing out on the natural solution staring them right in the face….composting toilets.

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