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happy wormsAre you living with a grumpy gardener….the kind that walk around the house touching the indoor plants and gazing longingly out at the snowy yard?  They are suffering from “itchy fingers” a common affliction in dormant gardeners.  What they need is to get their hands back in the dirt and what better way than to grow their own.  An indoor vermicomposting cure is easy to set up, inexpensive, and will produce happy results in about two weeks.  Watch your wilting loved one spring back to life by simply playing with their worms.  They’ll excitedly tell you amusing bin stats like, “I can’t belive that I found ten egg sacks!” or “WOW, that whole corn cob is gone!”  These may or may not fascinate you but hey…it’s a small price to pay for seeing your newly minted worm farmer blossom into the happy summer time person you adore.  This cure works for all ages and lasts a lifetime.

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