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LeftoversAnother holidays season has passed, full of good food and cheer.  If you’re like us and cooked enough for a small army you’ve probably got a fridge full of leftovers.  Do not despair, worms love leftover food.  We’re not talking about the turkey carcass here; that’s for soup, we mean the two extra pounds of mashed potatoes, or the twenty-three pieces of carrot left in the bowl.  What about the fifteen brussle sprouts…who in their right mind is going to eat those things twice?  Even the remnants of salad and that bit of leftover pumpkin pie, composting worms eat this stuff for breakfast and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.  The only reason most folks stick to a vegan diet for their worm bins is to prevent any “old garbage” smells from starting up.  If you moderate the timing and amount of leftover cooked food you feed your worms they’ll be absolutely no oder whatsoever.  In fact, a little extra protein from buttered carrots or salad dressing is great for worms.  You can even bury the occasional bone in the bin, if covered by castings it won’t smell either.  The only things to avoid are highly salted food stuffs like pickles and heavily spiced items such as hot sauce.  Cooked food of all sorts is perfect for your worms, it’s basically broken down already and really easy for bacteria to get at for the worms to eat.  Bon Appetite!

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