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New energy for planet Earth.New Year’s Eve and we’re all still here, guess the end of the world didn’t quite pan out as expected by some.  Since we’re stuck here together may we humbly suggest some ideas for our future….  First off, let’s move away from fossil fuels.  You don’t need to abandon your gas guzzler today but when and if you purchase a new vehicle, consider a hybrid or heck, just go electric.  Secondly, cut plastic out of your life as much as you can.  This stuff is awful, it stays around for hundreds of years and it’s made out of petroleum by-products.  Watch your packaging choices, ask your grocer to make the switch to biodegradable packaging.  Finally, and we can’t stress this enough, compost, compost, then compost some more.  Keep your organic waste out of the landfill.  We know that tiny changes make a big difference in the long run, and looks like we are here for the long run.  So, let’s play the long game folks, our children will thank us.

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