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A year has passed.The great wheel of life has turned full cycle again, hard to believe another year has passed.  We’ve had an amazing time of it, vermicomposting is more popular than ever.  When NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD hit the world-wide web in 2009, first on Face Book then the web page, most folks didn’t have a clue what we where talking about.  Now its common place, many schools have embraced composting in general and vermicomposting in particular.  We would like to thank all those brave teachers and admins out there who have gone against the grain, fought off fruit flies and nay sayers to enriched the knowledge of life for their young charges.

Our year started off as most years do, the dead of winter is not the best of season’s to embrace your green thumb, but it is a time of reflection.  By the number of worms we’ve sent out to eager new worm farmers, turns out it’s the season for indoor vermicomposting.  What’s really happened is, “itchy fingers”; the affliction experienced by green thumbs who miss touching dirt for six months of the year.  The only cure is worms.  Warmer breezes brought out the experimenter in Jen who embarked on a wonderful gardening project with Indigenous Cultivator Audrey Logan, you can read all about this adventure right here on the web site.  Growing worms and harvesting vermicast has never been more satisfying, knowing that we are helping people to protect our environment and spreading the word on sustainability seems to be more and more of an important job.  It’s becoming clear that everyone needs to be a little more responsable in protecting our Earth, our federal government surly isn’t.  Take the bull by the horns people, step up and speak for those that have no voice, our water, our air and the life there in.

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