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465006_10150693968856293_1286581338_oThe year-end review provided a good opportunity, well that and the dead of winter, to take a look at the web site.  Wow, there is a lot of information packed into those posts.  It’s a little disorganised and people might not be able to find the exact info they’re looking for.  We’d like to remind you about the search bar at the very bottom of each page.  These are some key words to enter for info, indoor worm bin works for in home vermicomposting.  Vermicast takes you to info on castings and turtle island is the way to our Dufferin school garden project.  Ain’t the internet just grand.  Worms are lovely too and going like hotcakes, which brings us to the real news of todays post, supply and demand.  Due to the time of year, we don’t like to dig into our outdoor vermicomposting operation and try to stick to our in-house breeding bins.  For the first time ever we need to restrict the order sizes, gosh, who’d have thought it would come to this.  Only in our dreams.  Sales will be limited to 200 mL starter kits and schools will be given preference.  With hopes for an early spring or some really horny worms, we’ll get you those squirmy little red guys, just a bit slower than usual.

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