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VermicompostingThese innocent looking piles of straw hide the heart of our vermicomposting operation.  Beneath their insulating warmth lies a world teeming with life.  This photo was taken last fall in preparation for the coming winter months, little did we know those months would linger so long into what should be spring.  Such is the life of a farmer.  When last we checked our worms were still safe under a thick snow pack, layers of straw and finally the protective ice crust we talked about last week.  http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2013/03/30/the-forced-thaw/  Once again we must thank our customers for their continued patience, but rest assured the next few weeks will bring substantial change.  Though we haven’t been able to harvest worms or casting yet, we’re happy to tell you that our bagged and aged indoor vermicast is ready to go to a good home in your seed trays. http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2013/03/08/worm-castings-for-seeds/  The many benefits of worm castings will shout out in your healthy young seedlings…. give it a try.

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