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new worm binVermicomposting is the ideal teaching tool for any classroom application.  Indeed, teachers make up a good 40% of our customers and we applaud each and every one of them.  Using a worm bin can demonstrate everything from chemistry to biology, environmental studies to group dynamics, the possibilities are almost endless.  Most children embrace the study of worms and it’s a great starting place for the more squeamish folks in the class.  Worm bins can be a hands off or a hands on venture, they’ll function with or without tiny hands digging away inside them.  They do not smell bad or spread “germs” even though they work with bacteria.  Seeing a vermicomposting bin turn food waste into rich soil or worm cast is an eye-opening experience for growing minds, a once in a lifetime lesson that kids can use for ever, knowing where soil comes from is the beginning of knowing where your food comes from.  If you’d like to look deeper into having a classroom bin or simply want one for your home check out how easy it can be http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2011/11/15/easy-worm-bin-photo-essay/  we are also proud to offer a 10% school discount, please drop us a line though the contact page for more info.

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