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Well that's a big pile of cow sh......Does the image on the left look familiar…. if you are in the romantic world of cattle production it should.  Ask any farmer what they do all day and if they’re honest they’ll tell you “I shovel sh*t all day long”.  Why not use this valuable resource to earn a few bucks for yourself and make a lot of gardeners really, really happy?  All you need is worms.  We are looking for willing partners in our rural community to expand our vermicomposting efforts.  We’ll help you turn your manure problems into the black gold that are known worldwide as worm castings or vermicast.  Worms eat poo, all kinds of poo but manure is their favorite.  If you’d like to turn the first picture into the second photo, we’re the folks to talk to.Wormcast.  Please contact us right here through our web page to learn more about this exciting business opportunity.

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