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Earth Day 2013It’s easy to get a little despondent on Earth Day, sometimes it’s difficult to see the progress mankind has made on protecting our home.  Global Climate Change has already created climate refugees and extreme weather is commonplace.  It’s seems corporations and government are walking hand in hand to speed the destruction of our planet, never looking back at the damage to land and people.  Thankfully, not everyone is behaving irresponsibly.  There are many businesses with an eye on Mother Nature, ours is one.  Vermicomposting is becoming more and more popular and people are embracing the practice of in home solid waste management.  We can’t even guess the tons of organic material our worms have kept out of the landfill.  On top of this, farmers are waking up to the idea of vermicomposting animal waste.  The less methane going up from manure piles the better our atmosphere does.  It’s not all bad news these days.  Networking with the rising tide of First Nations activism is giving hope to our community.  So, when you head out today, this Earth Day, do so with hope in your heart, change is on the wind.

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