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Indoor bin start upWe never thought we’d see it but the snow has melted and spring is here.  It’s still quite cool outside and the night temperatures are hovering just below the freezing line, the prefect time to harvest eggs and baby worms from our facility.  In an effort to clear up our back orders we have resurrected our 4 Litre starter kits for this spring sale only.  The difference between them and the 200 mL kits is that the 4 Litre kits are made almost exclusively of eggs and juveniles.  They are packed in straw bedding and compost straight off the farm.  The 200 mL kits are measured and re-packed in newspaper and castings.  The reason we can only do this in spring is because of the high worm count in the outer layers of our composting piles.  As the temp warms up the worms get busy doing you know what.  There is one catch of course, and this is the reason we don’t normally sell the 4 Litre kits…. we can’t guarantee the exact amount of worms.  For this reason they are sold at the ridiculously low price of $25.00.  Nows your chance, if you are planning to start composting with worms please drop us a line.

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