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Spring budsWelcome to spring in Manitoba, we’ve gone from day time highs of zero to balmy temps in the low twenties, all in a week.  After thirty years on the prairies our worms have adapted and seem to know how to get going when the going is good.  When we began harvest at the beginning of April, despite the snow on the ground our worms were ahead of the game.  We use cattle manure to produce our vermicast and grow our worms, these composting piles are covered with a thick layer of straw.  In summer the straw holds in moisture and protects from the hot sun, in winter it adds insulation.  The straw has no nutritional value for the worms so imagine our surprise to find it alive with adult worms doing what comes natural to earth’s critters every spring…. suffice it to say a new generation of soil builders is on the way.  As our season progresses the worms will begin the age-old process of converting solid waste into valuable casting for homes and gardens all over the place.  You can incorporate vermicast into any horticultural situation, fertilize plants or amend soil, you can’t use too much or to little.  Now’s the time to place an order, the worms are workin’ and so are we.

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