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Large scale compostingWe’ve talked many times about the benefits of composting for our world.  Keeping organic waste out of landfills is one of the easiest and important things people can do to stop global climate change.  The nuts and bolts of the discussion revolve around green house gasses.  All decomposition creates GHG’s the trick is to control the kind of gas your waste is releasing.  Aerobic decomposition produces CO2, Carbon Dioxide, while Anaerobic decomp give you Methane.  As we know Methane is about 100 times more destructive to our atmosphere than CO2.  Guess what type of gas composting creates….. right, CO2.  This may be a touch confusing to folks who are blasted daily by media telling us that Carbon is killing the planet, or at least the air.  What we need to get our heads around is in fact; the whole carbon cycle, not the end bit.  The first simple clue to follow in the composting journey is your nose, CO2 is odorless and Methane is stinky, that’s why landfills reek, it’s the Methane gas they produce when organic waste rots or decomposes without air.  If your compost is smelly, the anaerobic bacteria are taking hold, healthy aerobic bacteria in a compost have no odor.  This may seem like simple information and it is quite basic, but misconceptions around composting are common, especially large-scale composting.  That’s why us and many other composters have worked long and hard over the past ten years to clear up some of these misconception.  We are getting serious, about our public relations and our commitments to the business of solid waste management, and we are getting great results.  The concept of simple composting was unheard of for city dwellers even 25 years ago.. now indoor worm bins are happening in schools and homes all over the place.  The city has a compost bin sale every spring, this my friends is progress.


  1. Neil says:

    Where is the aerial photo from? I assume those are vermicomposting windrows?

    • admin says:

      Hard to say, it’s a composting facility… not ours, courtesy of Google. Once up on the net, a photo stays for ever. We promise to get some better pics of our place up ASAP. Sorry for any confusion.

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