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bacteriaBacteria rule the world, while we may not like to admit it…. they could basically kill us at any time and up until the advent of antibiotics that’s exactly what they did.  They are everywhere, all the time, lurking and working.  Bacteria live in us and on us, some help out with digestion and some make us sick, both the heroes and the villans in our life.  One thing’s for sure we wouldn’t be here without them.  Bacteria are the tiny engines that power our world, no life function acts without them.  Our world lives and dies in accordance with the rules of engagement set out by these mindless little soldiers.  When it comes to composting the role they play is paramount, they are the creatures that make the breakdown of organic materia possible.  Aerobic bacteria work in conjunction with moulds and fungi to “digest” raw plant solids to the point that worms can eat them.  Inside a worm live even more types of bacteria to aid in the breakdown of material leading to the ultimate product of compost; worm cast.  This “soil” has qualities that would normally be very hard to find in nature.  Only a few places on earth have the time and conditions to produce such a fine and rich combination of elements, only places with top-notch top soil.  This is why composting with worms is so important now, global climate change is eroding what little fertile growing places we still have, it’s time to begin to create new ones and worms can do that for us.

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