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top notch compostAs we move into “yard waste” season it’s easy to be a little overwhelmed by the amount of compostable material some homes and yards generate.  Depending on grass clipping and garden waste, you may soon find your home compost bin is full to the top.  If starting a new one is not an option for you, getting some composting worms can big a great help to speeding up the process.  Worms can only eat material that’s already starting to decompose, they don’t have any teeth after all.  Adding them to an existing composter is the perfect habitat for them.  As leaf litter worms they live in the thin layer of decomposing material under the leaf litter and above the top soil, because of this they’ll stay in the top 6-9 inches of your composting bin.  When you begin to harvest compost, you’ll be able to see the layer in which the worms are active.  By working around this layer, you can remove finished compost from below and above the worms.  You’ll also notice waste is composting much quicker.  Keep the green vrs brown content the same as you would for a regular compost.  The worms will do the rest.

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