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may-2013Happy Summer Solstice everyone, now let’s get down to business.  We’ve been banging the Climate Change drum at Nature’s Perfect Plant Food for years, letting people know why and how this is happening.  It’s looking more and more like the drum just isn’t enough, so we’re bringing out the rhythm and lead guitars, we’re gonna use a stand up base for effect and what the hell, let’s pop in a horn section.  Global Climate Change is here!  If it hasn’t already it will soon affect someone near and dear to you.  If the rising sea levels, melting permafrost and severe weather don’t get you, the droughts and flooding will.  This is not going away and will be getting worse, closer to home as the flooding in Southern Alberta has already shown us.  Food is more difficult to grow in this unpredictable climate, prices will not be going down and you should really start thinking about the food security in your home and neighbourhood.  Sounds dramatic doesn’t it, well this is your future kids… let’s get to work protecting it.  If you haven’t visited our “links” page, nows the time.  Many other people and groups are working hard to stop and adapt to climate change.  Join them today!

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