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Earth Machine composter.We heard a story recently about an apartment block that began a composting program.  They needed 50% of the people to participate before they could start the compost and managed to sign up 51%, there are about 500 folks in the block.  In one year these wonderful composters kept 6 tons of organic waste out of the landfill!  Composting can be as simple or complex as you chose to make it, a compost heap or a fancy flow through system will all get the job done.  The folks at the apartment block used their new compost to creat garden beds for flowers and veggies.  With such obvious benefits, what’s holding people back from diverting waste?  Some misconceptions do exist, for one, composting (and we can’t stress this enough) DOES NOT STINK.  Nor does it attract pests and rodents, if you’ve got a ton of mice in your yard chances are they are there because they have some kind of food source already, composting is not going to attract more.  In fact, it will speed up the breakdown of food and build you soil to boot.  Composting is not difficult, a few easy guidelines will keep your system running smoothly.  Not a gardener?  People pay for compost, if you can make it you can sell it.  Home composting is more than a win/win for you, it’s a win/win for everyone, start composting today.

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