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tenting is usManitoba is a very beautiful part of the world and summer here is SHORT.  To take advantage of our great outdoors the Nature’s Perfect Plant Food family has hit the road.  Some of us use the cushy trailer route and those more hardy take the tenting path.  What ever your comfort level, nothing can beat the taste of fire cooked food and the appeal of crystal clear lakes on a hot summer day.  Star gazing evenings with the song of the wilderness to send you off to dreamland is all part of the camping experience.  There are few things that can’t be managed in our modern world but camping and the internet just don’t mix.  This is why the web page has been a bit thin on posts of late.  People here need to get going when the going is good and that’s where you’ll find us for the next month or so… look to the sky and the open road.  You may just find yourself and you might find us too, see you at the lake.

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