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Roll 'em outPeople don’t normally think of worm farming as a livestock business, but that is, in fact, what we’re doing.  Our worms are our livestock and we treat them as such.  They may not roam the open range but keeping track of the millions of tiny working critters that make our “herds” is an ongoing task.  This summer we have embarked on a huge expansion.  We now have four separate colonies, spread across Southern Manitoba.  Our call out to cattle producers has been a success, good for us and good for our cattle farming neighbours.  Great for our environment.  In case you’ve been wondering where the heck we’ve been for the past month… not only have we grown our worm stock, we’ve updated our computer system too.  We’re happy to say you can now use a Pay Pal account to purchase worms and castings.  Welcome to the nineties… we know we’re a bit behind the times in the business world but hey, the worms don’t care, and that’s what Nature’s Perfect Plant Food is all about, the worms.  We can now safely say, we have the largest collection of composting worms in Manitoba, and venture the whole central plains.  Thousands of pounds of Red Wigglers await new homes in your compost bin.  Don’t delay, get worm farming today, contact us on this web page and you can start growing vermicast within a week.

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