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Whew, it's hot out there.

Once again, Mother Nature has caught us with our pants down, so to speak.  Seems as soon as we try to give our readers advice on when to move their worms in or out of the house for the season, well, that season rebels. Such was the case in our last post.  We cautioned our fellow worm farmers to check the night-time temperatures to make sure their bins were safe from extreme daily fluctuations.  Made sence at the time….then to make sure we’re not to big for our britches, the temperature sky rocketed.  It was 40 C. on Saturday for goodness sake!  Which brings us to today’s topic…. Worms in Extreme Heat.  Red Wigglers can take the heat thankfully, they are indigenous to tropical climates and can certainly handle temperatures in the high 30’s.  The biggest danger is dehydration.  During this heat wave make sure your bins stay in the shade and stay nice and moist.  Some people use a spray bottle to keep misting the bin while others go for a watering can.  As long as they don’t dry out, your worms will be fine.  The high heat also speeds up composting so, you may want to add more food than you normally do.  The worms tend to breed more in higher temps, baby worms are hungry worms.  The vermicomposting formula or guideline is; 1 square foot of composting surface area to one pound of worms to 1 Litre of food material per week.  Keep up the good work folks, we’ll stop trying to predict the weather.

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