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Getting ready for winter. The leaves are almost gone and night temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark.  It’s the season of the worm.  In case you were wondering, fall is our busiest time of year for worm sales.  There are a number of reasons this happens.  The phenomena of “Itchy Fingers” is one; these poor people have been gardening and composting all Summer, they find themselves suffering from “dirt withdrawal”.  The only cure for the winter months… vermicomposting.  Bringing the “dirt” inside will ease the withdrawal by allowing those “Itchy Fingers” to continue to play in the dirt.  T Another important factor is the back to school crowd.  We love teachers!  Putting a vermicomposting bin in your classroom beats an aquarium any day of the week.  You can touch worms, feed and house them easily and use them to teach a bunch of different topics.  Come on, what does a Hamster teach… really.  On this Thanksgiving weekend NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD is thankful for our loyal and loving clients, worm farmers new and old, you ROCK!

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