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COMPOSTIn the news today Canada will not be reaching it’s 2020 Green House Gas reduction target.  Not a huge surprise  considering our current federal government’s opinion on Climate Change.  They’re an embarrassment to the majority of Canadian citizens.  The Harper government has wrecked Canada’s global reputation and cost the planet dearly.  It’s up to us, the people, to keep those GHG emissions down; it’s obvious the government and self-regulated industry have no interest in protecting our environment.  It’s seems a monumental task and for most of us a place to start is elusive.  Here’s a hint, it’s starts at home, in your kitchen, bathroom and living spaces.  One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to keep as much of your organic waste out of the landfill as you can.  We mean garbage people, as we know all decomposition creates GHG’s the trick is to keep it “clean”.  There’s a big difference in the type of gasses your waste material produces and it’s all down to the bacteria doing the decomp.  Why does some garbage smell rotten and your compost smells good?  It’s the bacteria.  Aerobic bacteria need air to survive, Anaerobic bacteria live without air, it’s the different waste gasses they produce that makes for dent in the Climate Change issue.  Composting with air creates Carbon dioxide, just as all breathing creatures do, even us.  Decomposition without air produces Methane, this gas is far more destructive in our atmosphere.  Methane is what causes garbage and landfills to smell bad.  When you choose to aerobically compost your organic waste at home, you’re keeping that Methane out of our environment.  Not so hard to do after all.  Composting can be as complex or simple as you want to make it.  It’s a natural process and just leaving your yard waste in a corner of the property will eventually lead to a pile of “dirt”.  If you add composting worms to your waste management plans things get even better, for one you’ll produce a far superior form of “dirt”.  It’s all up to us now, time to take control of our own future, don’t leave it in the uncaring hands of government and industry.

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