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Worm KingThis link will take you to a global worm farming map, if you haven’t entered your bin yet, it’s free and easy.


These are heady days in the vermicomposting world, when NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD first began growing composting worms way back in 1993, no one had a clue what we were talking about.  How times have changed, any school child can tell you all about composting and most can explain a worm bin for you.  The world is catching on to the benefits of Mother Nature’s little soil creators.  They eat what used to be thought of a garbage, now it’s called compost.  They reduce GHG emissions on both a personal and global scale and along with their bacterial counterparts are the only creatures in Nature that can break that elusive nitrogen bond to become fertilizer.  Where would we be without them, as 2% of the Earths topsoil is lost to erosion and pollution every year?  Food crops need soil and people need food, no mystery here, just hard-working worms and the people who raise them.

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