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Happy Wormy FriendsIf you’ve ever questioned whether or not your vermicomposting interest is making a difference in our environment and society, doubt no more; the world is catching up.  When we started posting in Face Book and here on the web, we linked the page to Wikipedia, the Wiki article for worms was practically non-existent and there was no information on vermicompost at all.  Wow, times have changed!  Wiki now sports quite the little collection of articles on all kinds of worms including the wonderful Red Wiggler good grief, did you ever think you’d see that name in print so to speak.  Not only that but you can now find a myriad of vermicomposting companies that have popped up like mushroom after a summer rain.  Not that were complaining, the more worms in this world the better.  You can also find pretty detailed advice and info on casting and vermiculture, how cool is that.  We checked out this page and there’s a couple of things which don’t quite match our experience, temperature guidelines for example, but hey, it’s better than a no-info void and we’re in a unique situation, we started our business before the cultured “experts” could tell us; “it’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer for an outdoor operation in Manitoba.”  Good thing we went our own way and I’m sure the thousands of pounds of happy worms we farm concur.   



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