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honey beeIt’s been a long while since we’ve reviewed how our favorite little flying honey machines are doing in the scheme of life.  Much has changed, new studies now show without a doubt http://www.motherjones.com/tom-philpott/2012/03/bayer-pesticide-bees-studies that the declining pollinator populations are a direct result of our use of pesticides specifically neonicotinoid along with monoculture farming, mites and loss of habitat the situation is dire.  Never forget that up to 70% of our food products rely on Bee pollination to fruit.  If they don’t make it; we don’t make it.  The European Union has banned the use of these destructive pesticides and it looks like Canada is at least willing to look into it.  http://www.ecojustice.ca/media-centre/press-releases/environmental-groups-force-ottawa-to-review-approval-of-hundreds-of-pesticide-products          So that’s good news, don’t hold your breath though… tragically our current government is way too friendly to big business including chemical giants like Bayer who produce a bunch of these types of pesticides.  The feeling in Ottawa these days is more along the line of “grab your money and run, may the Devil take the hindmost”.  It’s easy to forget in the cold of winter that the Bees fight on, let’s hope for all our sake, they wake up to a kinder spring.

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