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March 2014The weather is one of the most talked about topics here in Manitoba.  We know there’s much more important and pressing issues to discuss around the world, but the weather here is so “in your face” that it’s hard to ignore.  Today for example the temperature is -28 Celsius and the wind chill (a measurement of wind speeds and temperature for our international site visitors) is a biting -38.  These are conditions where you can’t really play around, being stranded while traveling on the highway could in fact get you killed.

Farmers of course are slaves to Mother Nature, we don’t really have a say in when our growing season will start or finish.  For every wise warning of “you can’t force Mother Nature” there’s some crazy farmer that gives it a try anyway…. we are those nutjobs this year.  We plan on pushing back against the cold by initiating somewhat of a forced melt in an effort to get a jump on our season.  How you may wonder does one go about a battle of the wills with such a gigantic foe…. steamy warm manure.  That’s right, we’re using the nature vrs nature principal.

Composting worms find the allure of fresh manure irresistible and we’re counting on that to encourage an earlier start to our harvesting.  Stay tuned for updates and pictures of our latest adventure in the next few weeks.

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