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Mother's Day 2014Mothers around the world are getting angry, and as any child can tell you, pissing off your Mom is not cool.  There’s only one thing worse than an angry Mom and that’s a worried or frightened one, when Mothers are worried they don’t back down, they source out the cause of their distress and wipe it out.  In nature angry scared Moms are the most dangerous thing out there.  This past week we’ve seen Mothers rise up to defend their children in Nigeria and the Ukraine fighting against impossible odds to create a safe and healthy future for their kids.  There is immense power in the love of a Mom and that’s the kind of energy it’s going to take to save our Mother Earth.  Women are the keepers of the water and land, once they start working together nothing can stop them.  This Mother’s Day thank a Mom in your life for all the great work they do in protecting the people and land.

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