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sad dayWell, truth be told, we’re not too happy with the state of the Canadian environment right now and our Federal government is not doing anything to help.  We don’t want to piss anyone off, but if you’re visiting our page you are most likely interested in vermiculture, organic gardening and a sustainable environment for future generations.  All the things that make this future a possibility are being actively destroyed by the  folks in control in Ottawa.  The Harper government has blinders on when it comes to sustainable energy like solar and wind power, they have something stuck in their eyes…. we think it’s oil.  The recent tentative approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline is just the next step in a series of decisions that has anyone with even a remote interest in a sustainable future hanging their heads in despair.

Now that this regime, yep that’s what we’re calling it since it seems they’re not listening to any public input, has effectively silenced all descent from the academic world, you know….scientists, they are taking their marching orders from huge corporate interests.  Some of which aren’t even Canadian.   Why are we letting big oil money dictate the future of our country you may ask?  That’s a good fricken question but try to get an answer from Ottawa’s talking heads, you’ll be disappointed.  They drag out the same old rehearsed tag lines claiming that this is in fact what the public needs for it’s own good.  Well, not this public!

Try not to be discouraged, keep composting and re-cycling, keep looking for alternative energy in your home and life.  When you need to grow your own food ’cause the stuff at the grocery store is (GMO) out of your reach…. we got your back.

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