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Worm season!If worms had a season it would be Fall.  As any child, farmer or gardener can tell you, “playing” in the dirt is very therapeutic.   check out this link we’re not kidding around.  Over the years we’ve noticed a distinctive upsurge in worms orders from September through October and pondered why.  Apart from the obvious classroom worm bins (vermiculture is an amazing teaching tool)   we have a discovered a phenomena we call “Itchy Fingers”.  This is the experience of losing or missing the therapeutic power of soil in your hands and to a degree working with plants.  Many people turn to an indoor worm bin around this time of year to alleviate the depressive symptoms of life without dirt and guess what?  It works!

If you haven’t had the opportunity of exploring this wonderful and life enhancing “phenomena”, you need not miss out.  An indoor worm bin is simple project that will not only improve your quality of life but help our environment too.  Vermicomposting allows you to compost kitchen scraps all through the cold months, keeping organic material out of the landfill and methane GHG out of the atmosphere.  


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