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imagesWill the benefits of vermicomposting at home ever end?  It seems not, yet another positive result of indoor worm bins has recently been brought to light.  Having worms makes you eat more fruits and veggies!  After all you don’t want the little guys to starve do you?  This is particularly important for folks who live alone.  Everyone knows that eating healthy can seem a bit of a chore when your on your own.  Buying a whole lettuce or cauliflower may seem like a good idea at the grocery not so much 2 weeks later when it’s a rotten mess in the back of the fridge though.  While still perfectly good worm food, it feels like a waste.  Some people stop buying fresh fruits and veg instead opting for longer lived processed food.  These foods are expensive and unhealthy plus you can’t feed most of them to worms.  To get the victims of processed food back in the veggie isle, they need a worm bin.  It’s the guilt, starving worms is just plain cruel.  By feeding your worms kitchen scraps, you feed yourself healthy fruit and veg, compost the leftovers and save the environment.

So, in review;  worm bins keep organic waste out of landfills which in turn helps stop GHG’s and climate change.  Worm bins help people eat healthy diets and provide piece of mind on the sustainability front.  You really can’t go wrong.

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