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VermicastLonging for the sight of something green?  Deep sighing at the touch of snow flakes on your cheek?  Sniffing back a tear when the cold air hits your face?  These are all signs of “itchy finger” syndrome.  If you’re the type who relishes in your backyard garden and spends many happy hours turning the compost, you are at risk for the cold weather reality check called “itchy fingers”.  This is the feeling of sadness associated with the end of the growing season.

Do not despair!  We have the cure.  Imagine being able to plunge your hands into deep brown loamy soil once again.  The feel and smell of the life giving goodness of perfect compost can be yours all year long, all you need is a worm bin.  That’s right folks, indoor worm bins are the best remedy for the winter blues.  Not only will you be leaving the guilt of not composting behind, you’ll be starting a whole new world of adventure for you and your loved ones.

An indoor worm bin is easy to maintain, has no bad smells and produces perfect organic fertilizer for your inside planting projects.


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