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That’s right Wormers, another turn of the great wheel in the sky is upon us.  It doesn’t matter where you are on this Earth, we can all enjoy the passing of the seasons.  Here in the North we’ve just enjoyed our longest night.  The Sun’s only rising now at 8:30 am and will be gone by 4:30 this afternoon.  It’s tough on some folks so remember to be extra understanding and kindhearted if someone’s a little grumpy.

NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD is happy to announce a successful year with many new friends and plenty of excited novice worm farmers starting their vermicomposting adventure.

While there’s a great deal to remember in thanks this past turn of the wheel, not all is well in our world.  Unrest has rocked vast groups of people both across our wide oceans and nearer to our homes than ever before.  We must work together to set aside differences and find common ground.  Our planet is sinking under a sea of dirty oil, needlessly, a shift to sustainable energy has never been more important.  The time has come to embrace alternate energy sources.  We have the technology to accomplish this in the next year or two.  Do not be afraid of change.  Let petroleum products fade away into history.

There’s much to be saved from our past year and to remind you of the advances in a movement for a sustainable environment check out these few links http://vermicomposters.com/wormbin?id=2616   more and more people are working for a better future one worm bin at a time.

Don’t forget about the brave environmental activists either….http://350orbust.com/ 

Together let’s make sure the next turn of the great wheel is going in the right direction!


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