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New foodVermicomposting bins fit perfectly into a classroom environment.  They provide an in-house laboratory for experiments in chemistry, biology and environmental studies.  We’d like to see a bin in every classroom and by golly, we’re getting closer to that realization every day.  Indeed, schools and those who teach in them are about half of our new customers during the cold winter months.

If you are involved with any educational institution and would like to see more sustainable organic waste management look no further than an indoor worm bin.  They’re easy to set up, economical and big time fun.  A standard 38 L Rubbermaid bin is under $10.00 to buy, 100 mL of worms to get started will set you back $20.00.  Play your cards right and this is a one time cost to start your school or work place off on a path of sustainable, environmentally responsible waste management program.

Young people are very aware of the 3 r’s, reduce, reuse and recycle.  Life’s stressful enough for these kids without worrying about the future of our planet.  A worm bin offers a simple way for them to feel more in control of their environment.  Not only are you helping young minds to feel better about their classroom, they also feel better about the world around them.  Win, win!


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