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webThe web of life, we learn about it in grade school, how everything is tied together in an intricate mesh of co-dependence.  One would not be there save the other, it’s an absolutely beautiful concept and a truth of nature.  It’s also why composting worms are the coolest thing on the planet, they’re the creators in the foundation of our thin brown line. our top soil.

Macro vrs micro, hands down worms hold a position of great importance.  They create and carry the weight of our fruitful bounty, the food we grow and eat every day.  They thrive in environments that we discard in our lives, the waste.  Weather it be of our own purpose or not, they’re the ones who clean up our mess and turn it into a productive self sufficient growing medium.  Call it soil or dirt, it keeps all of us alive.   http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2011/11/08/stop-treating-our-soil-like-dirt/  

The bottom line in this web of life is the humble bacterium and their ability to break the Nitrogen bond; http://www.naturesperfectplantfood.com/2013/06/11/pro-biotic-power/ worms come a close second.  They hold the aerobic bacteria in a healthy habitat, an environment conducive to arable growth, the very same type of growth that feeds us.  Almost all our edible plant life relies on the soil web to sustain it.  These are simple examples of the macro vrs micro elements to the “web”, it’s the journey of discovery that counts.

A fabulous way to begin that journey is to enjoy and understand the simplicity of vermicomposting.  We’re more passionate that most of course but anyone can get a kick out of watching worms at work building soil.  It’s a cycle that starts with waste and ends in the most valuable of products, a sustainable cycle we can all use to grow, eat, compost the waste then grow, eat, compost the waste, on and on.  There’s comfort in that assurance of continuation.

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