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worm castingsAn early spring, who would have thought it.  After enduring 3 years of ridiculously late season garden start ups, Mother Nature has rewarded us long suffering Northerners with what looks to be a reasonable growing season, finders crossed.  Many gardeners are planning to grow plants with longer growing season requirements, Cantaloupe for example.  Melons traditionally don’t have quite enough time to mature outdoors here on the North Prairie.

Naturally folks want to give their gardens the best head start they can and one way to accomplish this is of course starting with healthy, nutrient rich soil.  We’re blessed in Manitoba with rich top soil but, it never hurts to boost this up by using vermicompost as an amendment and organic fertilizer.  Apart from having micro and macro nutrients worm casting offer a raft of other additions that will greatly increase the productivity of your garden.

Active micro-organisms that encourage soil growth are a huge boon to the health of your garden soil, that’s why we sell unprocessed or “raw” cast for outdoor use.  These are the types of bacterium that will attract like minded soil builders to the area, you’ll also notice an increase in earthworm activity where you use it.

Humus, the fundamental building block of soil is found in abundance in worm cast, 40% more than standard compost.  This sponge like material is what ultimately holds the moisture in the earth, allowing plants more time and less energy to acquire the Nitrogen and nutrients they need to thrive.

When your planning this years garden be it vegetable or floral consider adding nature’s perfect plant food, we didn’t get the name from nowhere, it works!

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  1. Korl says:

    I didn’t know that worms are so important to making the soil more fertile. Thanks for sharing.

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