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imageAn article today on the news and petition site Care 2 has confirmed what we all have know for years; worms will save our planet!  It’s nice to have some validation, you can check it out on this link…. 

Apart from the amazing work worms do to create soil they act as a carbon sink, not only that but the vermicompost they so diligently grow is the best kind of nutrient rich soil in the world.  We’ve been promoting a switch from chemical to organic fertilizer for years and it’s becoming easier to see the logic in that change.  Over time many people have decided to take a chance and use our products, for that we are grateful.  One brave soul is Jeff, he’s a repeat customer who knows the benefits of using castings, it took guts to make the switch to organic.  He’s kindly supplied the wonderful photo you see on today’s post, thank you Jeff and good luck taming that monster Aloe vera!   P.S. cutest dog ever.

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