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Mother EarthHave you noticed the way environmental issues tend to wax and wane in and out of the news?  Disasters are up front and center but only for a short time, just as Climate Change is commented on when there’s a pipeline rupture or fiery explosion, then before you know it, we’re back to our cornflakes and coffee.  People don’t want a daily reminder of the imminent peril that faces our Earth and it’s inhabitants and who can blame them. Wouldn’t it be better to have something positive to grab hold of?  Well there is and it’s homegrown; your own efforts to help.

There are many ways to curb Climate Change in daily life, choices that seem small at first but when added together DO make a difference.  How’s this for easy, buy your milk and juice in cardboard cartons or tetra packs instead of plastic.  Having just one meatless meal a week can cut your carbon footprint by 16%……or, you can go veggie for good, while that’s understandable not everyone’s cup of tea.  Be wise in your shopping habits, look for products with less packaging, especially plastic packaging.

RECYCLE!  We know the methane from landfills is particularly destructive in our atmosphere.  Most importantly, COMPOST, it’s estimated that up to 40% of the material that ends up in landfills is compostable food and garden waste.

NATURE’S PERFECT PLANT FOOD is here to assist in your composting needs, drop us a line right here on the website or visit us on Face Book….  you don’t need to have an account to read our page.

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