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new worm binAutumn is upon us and thoughts turn to indoor activities now that cooler weather has arrived.  For some it is a blessing, time and energy will be re-directed to cold weather hobbies and many look forward to a break from their warm weather tasks.  Amazingly, not everyone enjoys yard work, gasp.  Indeed some people think of these little jobs as a chore more than an enjoyable time outdoors.  Cutting the grass and weeding the garden may not be the most romantic of activities but hey, some folks love that stuff.

Regardless of your love or hatred of yard work, we can all agree that composting is something everyone should be doing.  Not only does it reduce material in your local landfill, it will help reduce your “carbon footprint” too.  Starting and maintaining a compost in your yard or garden can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it.  If your not too fussed about appearances, a simple compost heap in the corner of your yard will work just fine.  What people don’t realize is that cold weather months need not put a stop to your composting efforts.  You can compost inside using worms!

Worm bins are especially good for people living in apartments or areas without a yard.  They too can be a simple or complex as you choose to make them.  We’ve highlighted a number of different methods here on our webpage.  The point is to just get started and there’s no better place than right here.  You can begin to compost with worms for as little as $15.00 or go full bore on a $200.00 complete system.  We can point you in the right direction and help fufill your vermicomposting dreams, contact us through the webpage or visit us on Face Book, we’re here to help. 

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