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Leaf LitterAutumn, what a glorious season in the North!  It’s lovely to look at and a treasure to enjoy for a brief time each year.  It can be a little confusing too, night time temperatures are dipping into the frost zone while the days are pleasant and sunny.  What to wear is a challenge everyday.  One of the feelings for people is a tinge of regret, losing the hot temperatures along with the daylight hours can be depressing for some folks.  That’s where the worms come in, they can cure this malaise, one indoor bin at a time.

One sure part of Autumn is what we like to call “Itchy Finger Syndrome” this is the affliction that hits gardeners and composters alike.  After a happy Spring and Summer of playing in the dirt so to speak, many people find the withdrawal of outdoor gardening/composting activities a little depressing.  This need not be the case!  You can use a worm bin to compost and build soil ALL YEAR LONG!  That’s right folks, keep on playing in the dirt forever.

An indoor vermicomposting bin can be started for as little as $15.00 (CND) if you act quickly.  The winter stock is in and we’re ready to assit, contact us here on the webpage or visit us on Face Book,https://www.facebook.com/NATURESPERFECTPLANTFOOD your worm bin awaits.

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