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harper bearOK people, you know what you need to do.  The last 8 years under the Harper Federal government have been painful for all decent folk.  Watching our country’s reputation hit the skids on environmental and social progress, not to mention selling out on international trade deals has been difficult to say the least.  Right when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, Harper stabbed us in the back time and time again.  OUCH!

We can put an end to this today, get out and vote.  Help your friends and nieghbours get to the polls, take some time to make sure it happens for everyone.

We also have a special message for our First Nations sisters and brothers, THANK YOU.  We understand that it’s not easy to acknowledge and participate in the same system that murdered your ancestors and destroyed your cultural identity.  We’re asking you to give a little more and help our great land by voting today, together we can change this regime and make a better place for all.  Our fate is in our hands, let’s move forward in harmony and peace.

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