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320px-Nitrogen_CycleThere is beauty in the natural cycles of our planet, the simplest lifeforms can provide a view into more complex patterns that lead to greater understanding of our own existence, the ties that bind.  It doesn’t get much simpler than the life of a worm which is why they are so very valuable as an example of how our natural world really works, really lives and breaths.

Red Wigglers are terrestrial, just like us, they can drown, they can freeze and they can starve.  They breath, sure it’s through their skin, but, they still do…. it’s what they eat that makes them such a great example of the carbon/nitrogen cycle, the one that keeps us all alive.

What other creature can be harnessed to take our organic waste and create the soil we need to create the food that creates more waste, see the pattern, it’s a thing of beauty!  Not only will this improve your personal carbon footprint, it will aid the environment as a whole.  Best of all you get bragging rights on being “progressive with this emerging technology”.  Another example of the beauty of the cycle, wink, wink.


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