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Worm KingIt’s time for our annual report; this one’s a trip down memory lane.

Many years ago when we began our business we aimed to provide excellent quality raw vermicast to anyone who needed it with a focus on sustainable organic agriculture.  That has never changed.

What came as a bit of a surprize, (back in the day), was that no one had ever heard of it.  At the time even back yard composting was a new and questionable practice for the average urban dweller.  In researching vermicomposting worms themselves, you can imagine the shock of reading studies by Charles Darwin!  Indeed such little scientific investigation had been done on them they were still quoting that great man himself. You may say we were ahead of the game.

It was then we started our campaign of public outreach.  Using the somewhat new concept of social media we reached out to environmentalists and gardeners everywhere.  We were lucky enough to connect with likeminded people from all over the world who too saw the value of composting with worms.  The start of a growing innovative new community had begun.

Over the years we’ve expanded our network and shared the joy of seeing a greater understanding and knowledge in the communities around us.  Now if you speak to Canadians about vermicomposting nine out of ten times they’ve at the very least heard about the practice.  Another boon is watching the many new vermicomposting businesses springing up across the land; it was lonely at the start.  We’ve been able to work with talented people in companion companies who range from gardeners to waste management to package manufactures.  Who knew how far the lowly worm could take us.

This year our New Year good wishes are sailing out on the waves of progress to all the Vermicomposters in the world, big and small, from the “under the sink” bin to the livestock producer, the researchers and scientists and the innovators.


cold weather worm

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