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This never happens!Spring has sprung, warm temps and a dry breeze have created the perfect conditions for a very dramatic dog poo season.  You can smell it in the air and see it on the ground, for those of our readers not “in the know” let us explain.  Here in the Great White North where the family dog(s) live in harmony with their people, spring brings the kind of backyard mess not found in other areas of the world.  Due to repeated snowfalls and plain old laziness, many dog owners are faced with a two week window each spring when poo rules their yards and lawns.  It’s a hot mess folks.

Love them or loath them, that dog poo’s not going anywhere without you.  The question is where to put the sh*t.  We have important news; Red Wigglers eat poo!  Most municipalities do not encourage bags of dog waste in the land fill.  Home owners and renters are left with few choices for poo disposal.  You can compost your animal waste.  

Keep in mind that Red Composting Worms evolved to live in manure so they truly are a perfect match for the greatest of Spring Poop Scoops.


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