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Worms and castings.As many of you awesome worm lovers know, our main vermicomposting facility is outdoors in the bosom of Mother Nature.  Every year we switch from an indoor base to our outdoor base, it’s normally a well timed smooth operation.  During the winter we supply “clean” worm to our clients, these hand picked beauties are time consuming to prepare and their price reflects that.  With the understanding that everyone deserves a shot at worm farming, in the warmer months we also have available “bulk” starter kits for a lower price.  Both methods work just fine for your composting start up needs.

This massive shift in operations from inside to out happens at Mother Nature’s leisure. We love you Mother Nature (insert knock on wood here) and hope you’ll help us real soon.  In other words we hope to have “bulk” kits ready for sale next week.  If you’d like a sure fire way to begin vermicomposting on a small budget, a little patience is all that’s required, send us a message here on the web page or visit us on Face Book.

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