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Wood CockDo not be shocked but not all of the worms we sell end up in happy home or farm composting situations….. some of them end up getting eaten!  Over the years we’ve been able to supply more than a few exotic and not so exotic pets with a healthy diet of red worms.  At times we’ve provided emergency food for starving creatures who simply won’t eat anything else.  Here are a few of their stories.

In the photo on the left we have the Wood Cock, poor little guy/gal (they’re not sure of the sex) who ended up with the good folks of the Manitoba Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre  apparently this lovely marsh bird usually uses it’s 3″ beak to poke around the swamp eating worms and grubs.  He/she arrived in Manitoba a little early and had nothing to eat.  We hoped he/she would be OK with the red worms and we we’re right, the little beauty should be back in the wild, fattened up and healthy very soon.

Did you know reptiles, amphibians and fish love worms for a solid meal.  We have fed frogs, garter snakes, newts and a wide variety of fish.  Most recently we help a gentleman feed his fresh water rays, how exciting it that.  Not only can you raise in house worms for a cheap food supply for your other pets, but you know exactly where they came from and what the worms eat, ensuring quality control.  We’ve also given worms to a few dedicated educators whose students have proven them wrong on certain “I will eat a worm” bets… here’s a hint if you are ever in this predicament; feed the worms some cantaloupe BEFORE you eat them.


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