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Lobster Mushroom by Roxie AteahSo, where you at in the height of the harvest?  We’ve had a stellar growing season this year on the floodplain of the prairies and it’s far from over.  To quote one crotchety old farmer; “If it’s bloody green it’s growing!” We think he was referring to the “weeds” at the time.  Still you can’t deny this wonderful harvest.  Many vegetable crops are coming in, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, yum! But, that’s not all, our rich woodlands and natural wilderness areas are also bountiful in their fruition, it’s just not what we’re used to.

Who hasn’t enjoyed the delightful sweetness of a Saskatoon Berry or the delicate kiss of the Wild Strawberry, you don’t buy them in a store and unless you’re very gifted and lucky probably don’t grow them yourself.  Some edible plants you simply must find in the wild.  That said we’d like to remind people of the careful use of our more elusive food supply.  Through the guidance of our First Nation’s these plants are still thriving in many parts of our Province and that’s to be supported and respected.  Always have permission to forage on land even if you think it’s public land, check it out and make sure.  You may not be the only person to use this area. Never take an entire plant or the fruit from a whole patch!

If you look at the habitat these natural plants inhabit you soon understand the fragility of the spaces.  Imagine the time and conditions required to host such complex ecosystems.  Because we grow fabulous vermicompost doesn’t exclude the fact that we in all our wisdom, can not duplicate these delicate habitats.  That is Mother Nature’s domain in entirety.

Photo credit to Roxie Ateah


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